The colors of slums - I

Its amazing to see and take notice of the colors that are present around you when you are walking into a not-very-well-to-do-locality, which are otherwise also called slums. And its almost as fascinating to see how these colors in the newly painted walls and brightly painted doors create a different world altogether.

You will perhaps never get to see such a thing in a well-to-do neighborhood but is a trite in slums and old parts of Delhi (and other older parts of the country too). Either the walls are newly painted with bright yellows, greens and blues (and even pinks!), or the walls have not been painted for years or carry marks of local graffiti that makes them totally amusing.


I recently got to visit such a locality (as a matter of fact, I get many more chances, but hardly have my camera around to put it all up here…), and as it turned out, amongst the colors on the walls, the doors and the rust on the gates, there was so much pain and hardship in the lives of these people, that no one really gets to notice the colorful and beautiful (ironical, eh!) world around them.


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